Sunday Night Tales

Sword by Deji Olatunji

The Word is a double edged sword
Better than Ehud’s dagger
It penetrates not fat bellies like Eglon’s
But the Spirit, soul, muscles and tendons

Like the flaming sword that guards the tree of life
It guards the hearts of those who obey
Affecting all life’s matters, it turns every way
It is needful every day

The only offensive weapon in God’s arsenal
Fighting not only principalities and powers
It fights that which is fleshly and carnal
Hacking them down to pieces
Like that good old butcher

Like a “Negligent” surgeon
When God’s done with this “Knife”
He leaves it in you
For like peak milk, it’s meant to be in you

Faith is the hand that wields this Sword
Confession is the unsheathing of it
The Sword is for the man of the Spirit
In the hands of a carnal man it’s a mis-fit

Milkshake by Nelson Okeke

Crybabies with dummy teat,
all they want to do is eat
cheese or milk, they don’t eat meat!

Even if they wish they could,
they have no teeth for solid food,
so it wouldnt do them good.

Adult Babies loving their pacifiers
and the stench from their diapers.
Sadly, they’re easy targets for KID-nappers.

Mighty men relaxing in daycare…
where giants are being breastfed
and warriors being spoon-fed

“Immature digestive system”
Maybe that’s the problem.
Grow up! Someone needs to tell them.

Milk is meant to make
babies grow strong to take
meat and take over for Christ’s sake!
Not to become experts in milkshake.

I believed you were blessed by the poems. As always you can join us here

We had a song review yesterday, it’s an amazing song. It would definitely be worth your time.

Have a good one. God bless you.

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