Song Review

Promises by Maverick City Music

This song is such an amazing, soul-lifting, spirit edifying song. The wordings are rich with comfort and confidence. It’s easily my song of the year so far.

The song was done by Joe L. Barnes and Naomi Raine. It was written by a team of 6 and released on the 10th of April, this year. It’s a part of a volume released, containing 10 other songs.

My best lines are:

I put my faith in Jesus
My anchor to the ground
My hope and firm foundation
He’ll never let me down
He’ll never let me down

The theological perspective is solid, the scriptural agreement is spot on.

The simplicity reminds me of Don Moen whilst as yet the musicals are as modern as it comes. It’s a song that is rich with confession of faith and unashamed expression of complete confidence in God.

You can learn the lyrics, it’s a good sing-along song. I didn’t do a critic or any microscopic analysis. It’s a beautiful song. It is what it is.

I’d place the link to download it here. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the song. God bless you as you listen.

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