Love vs Justice (In Defense Of Love, And Justice)

I recently came across an interesting video about the concept of God’s Love on YouTube. In it, a man asked a question of the other man in the video (can’t really remember the question). Then the other man (follow me) asked a counter-question, and essentially won the brief argument by implying that the God that shows true Love is the one that forgives sins without requiring some form of punishment, unlike the God that killed His Son so that humanity could be saved.

Considering this at face value, It’s actually a valid point. I mean, true Love forgives and forgets right? Why would Love demand a “human sacrifice” before sins are forgiven. If God is truly loving and all powerful, why can’t He just Lovingly sweep it all under the carpet? The answer to this is quite simple; God is Just, as much as He is Love. God would not be God as we know Him if He wasn’t Just.

“But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat thereof you shall surely die.”

Genesis 1:17

God after placing man in the Garden of Eden warned him of the instant spiritual death and the slow physical death that would be visited on him (and his descendants, Romans 5:12) should he make the choice of eating from that tree. One thing led to another, and Adam fell.

God, being the Supreme judge of the universe had to mete justice on Adam (and in extension the human race), but He never for once stopped loving man. Every unsaved human being has that nature of sin, and the very reward (or consequence) of that nature is death (Romans 3:23). If God would be God, then Him loving us alone, and not doing anything about that nature, would not save us.

But God, in His foresight and wisdom knew exactly what we would need to be reconciled to Him, and in His Love He pulled off a slick move (something I like to think of as a “Prison Break“), and saved us from the demands of Justice upon us (Ephesians 1:7-8).

God being who He is, found a way to save us from the consequences of sin without perverting His Justice.

Never doubt the depth of God’s Love, or the weight of His Justice.

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