The New Year

Happy new month dear reader! What a year it’s been. From a devastating global pandemic to unprecedented hurricanes and typhoons, from the massive BLM protests in America to the killing of innocent Nigerians who were protesting against being killed indiscriminately by Armed Forces- again, what a year it’s been! Granted, there’s been a lot of bad stuff happening this year, there’s also been some good. Take stock, count your blessings, and be grateful.

Either way, there’s a new year looming large on the horizon. There’s a lot of uncertainty about 2021 – about whether it’s going to be the year we begin the process of healing and coming back stronger, or whether it’s going to be the “pro + max” version of 2020. However 2021 eventually pans out (although we trust God that it’ll go greatly), there are a set of people that won’t maximize all that the new year has to offer. And that’s the set of people that won’t have a plan for the year.

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

Psalm 90:12

Before the advent of the Gregorian calendar (which is currently in place), humanity across different civilizations had devised some means to count the passage of time. January 1st may not necessarily be a “special” and different day from, say May 31st, or some other random date. It however has significance because it marks the passage of time. “Time is going,” it tells you. “A year, as you guys know it, has gone and another has started” it reminds you. Listen to the March of time, and allow it to teach you wisdom.

A tip (or reminder): do not wait till January the 1st before you begin to make plans and implement them. Waiting till January is another form of procrastination. See December as the month to test the practicability of all those plans and ideas, and if you’re able to attain consistency in those plans, you’ll most likely hit the ground running come 2021 (all things being equal).

Don’t fail to plan for the new year. And start now.

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