The Woman At the Well by GdyArchy

All through my life
For things that wouldn’t satisfy
And pleasures that won’t edify
I sought after
The lust of the eyes, pride of life
made me falter

Thronging in sin and dining with the devil
My life was a facade
Darkness lurked within
An emptiness deep beneath

To the well I went one day
My life empty and bare
Just like any other day
But I met a Man there

A Man who told me all my sins and past
The life I lived behind the mask
Come and see, Is not this the Christ?
The Messiah, the Blessed Holy One

Living water, He offered me
From Wells that never run dry
Cleansed me and set my spirit free
Nothing matches the wondrous treasures
I’ve found in Jesus Christ, my Saviour

I’m Photini
And I am
The woman at the well

Race by Olaitan Victor O.

(Eph. 6:11-18, 2 Tim 4:8, 1 Cor. 9:24-27, Heb. 12:1)

This is not the race of men
Where many run but
Only one receives the crown,
The first to reach the end.

This is a race a crown is laid down
For each racer who persevered,
The marathon through the crooked path
You only need to reach the end.

This is a race you strive for mastery
Constantly in the word of the father,
Receive strength in prayers,
Grace to run by the Spirit.

This is a race you run alone
Yet one runs with you,
Constantly giving strength to
Your aching limbs to run more.

This is a race you run with armor strapped,
Helmet of Salvation, shield of faith,
To divert fairy darts, race against powers,
Sword of the Spirit, Word of God.

Run! Son of man, Run!
The cheerleader urges you on,
He ran the race before you and
He stands to give you the crown.

Other Phase by Adams Saba

Wandering on paths of desire.
Eager beaver after pleasure.
Ill passion barricades the soul.
Bed of roses filled with thorns.
Unseen forces against saints.
Vision of the mind so blur.

Service is no longer to God
Feeling and emotion as substitute.
Oracles the heart now bows to,
With less homage paid “I Am”
Fearlessly claiming “we are”

Creatures wallow in calamity
Sabbath day stained so dark,
By ways that seemeth right
Skipping worship at the temple.
Without a prick in the conscience.
Against God’s command obey.

We want prayers answered;
when our prayers seizes day by day.
The weak empowered;
when we’ve neglected the secret place
The lost goodies recovered,
when we’ve become the lost sheep.
How would we not be endangered,
When the mighty one is undiscovered.

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