Idol. Part two.

We ended the last post by asking ourselves two questions.

One, we inquired about the place of God in all these, and it was stated that, all of our worship and by extension devotion ought to be to Him, for it is only for Him they were meant. Thus inferring that any other recipient beside Him is an Idol.

Now unto the second question, we shall now turn our attention to. This question is: What is the much ado about having an idol?

The answer to that, is tied to two words: worship and servitude. Central to God is His glory, infact it’s so personal to Him that He doesn’t share it at all in anyway. Our worship of God deals with an aspect of that Glory- it that, it brings Glory to Him. For those whom He created to then worship something else, is akin to ascribing the glory that should have accrued to God on the account of that worship unto that thing. Now God doesn’t deal lightly with that at all.

The second is service, out of God’s goodness, He desired and decided that Him alone we should serve, and thinking about it, it actually the best alternative, besides who or what else would we rather serve than the Eternal one. This is related to our initial point because, as a matter of truth, you serve whatever you worship, whether you recognize it or not.

Now to the crux of the matter, an idol in one’s life, cheats one of the comfort and the benevolence that should come to the person on account of his worship of God. It equally robs him of the fulfillment that comes from serving the one true God. And lastly it grieves the heart of God as He watches His masterpieces force upon themselves vanity upon vanity.

But God indeed is Merciful, He set in motion a wonderful plan. A grand plan we shall next consider.

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