It's very easy to echo the words “trust in the Lord”, and “I trust you Lord”, until we really get to the point where we practically have to trust Him. I have been there and I have seen and learnt that often times when we say we trust God, we really don't. We trust people, … Continue reading Trust

Depression: a Christian Perspective

It was a blue day.A glimpse of light stole through my window as the sun set. I sat on the floor, my legs sprawled out before me. I felt gloomy, like a dark cloud was over my head, my heart sinking deep into an endless abyss.Like I was passing through a dark tunnel with no … Continue reading Depression: a Christian Perspective

The Merciful

There are some things people never forget. I have a few of such “things”. There’s this memory I have (much hazed over with age) of my elder sister and I (both of us very young at the time), stranded at a bus stop, one bus fare away from home. A bus fare we somehow didn’t have. I remember my sister summoning all the courage she could lay her hands on, to ask an Akara (fried bean cake) vendor for help with this fare.