Encounters: The Justifier

Last time, we started to talk about the various expressions of the God and the Christ that are expressed with resources to the legal demands of Redemption. We started by looking at the Just Christ and the Justness of God. Now to turn to another expression; The Justifier.

In order to properly identify this expression of God, let’s look broadly at what it means to justify. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as:

To free from blame; declare guiltless; absolve.

Tracing the root word for justify, we find:

to render (that is show or regard as) just or innocent:

Remember, we are dealing with the legal context of redemption. It is such: according to the scale of divine justice, all men have fallen short. They are guilty. They have sinned. And a Just God, must, according to his Justness act entirely, consistently and decisively in dealing with the Sin of Men and the men that have sinned. However, somewhere in the equation of redemption, the possibility of atonement was made for.

This God did, not just because he is Just, but make of his expression also as The Justifier.

Romans 8:33

But we must ask two important questions. The first is, on what basis is he acting as the justifier? The second is, how can a man access the economy of this justification?

To answer the first:

Romans 3: 24

So bring this out clearly, the basis of the justifying work of God is because of the redemption that is found in Christ Jesus. And this suffices because God had set forth Christ as a propitiation for the sins that had made man fall short of his glory.

To answer the second:

Romans 3:26

Are you ready for it? A man comes into this economy of Justification by believing in Jesus Christ. That’s it.

Listen, and listen carefully. It is God that justifies. No man justifies. No religion justifies. No laws justifies. No traditions justifies. No new year resolution justifies. It is God that Justifies. So we must pay attention this and to how he does it. Because his way is the only way there is.

So what is his way? To be believe in Jesus Christ. That’s the only way there is.

He that believes in Christ is Justified. He that believeth not, remains in his sins, and remains in his condemnation.


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