Mind Control Systems

Sometime ago, we started a series of post on the place of thoughts in the outcome of our lives. We started here, we touched on mindset, we looked at strongholds. Now we turn our attention to mind control systems. This attempt is by no means intended to be exhaustive, but rather to present in simple terms this reality and how relates to us.

This is a very interesting passage to contemplate on. I’d have preferred to do a verse by verse analysis. But not today.

A few things worthy of our attention. King Nebuchadnezzer built a golden image for very proud reasons. This wasn’t just your regular idolatry. He didn’t build as a monument or memorial or some kingly grandiosity. I don’t want to go into the reasoning behind it, but he had a goal, a desire. He simply wanted the whole world to worship this image.

This question to my mind then is, how would he accomplish this?

There have been several times in scriptures when, Kings wanted everyone I their territory to comply to a certain mode of action. We saw how they went about it. They all for the most part, sent out heralds, starting the intended action, date and time. A classic example is the decree by Haman in the days of King Ahaseurus, when he wants the Jews in all the provinces to be executed.

As we find with Nebuchadnezzar, he went a different route. It’s important to realize that contrary to the basic idea that we have that everyone under the rule of the king came to Babylon, it may not entirely be true. This king was a king of kings, he had nations under him, the odds of every single person assembled at the same place at the same time, is a logistics nightmare. So what did he do?

He used music. He realized this music is one tool that transcends the barriers of place and time. He knew that if required, the same sound can be the main thing on the waves across regions. So, he tied the desired outcome- the bowing to the golden image to the sound of music. So music in this system become a means to achieving an end across tribes, tongues, peoples and nations.

The Media is a mind control system. It can be so programed to bring about influences that can hardly be barricaded against. Proof of this are trends. One person starts something somewhere and before you say jack, just about everyone you know is doing it. Why? Mind control systems. Most people even partake of the influences of these systems without even being aware that, they are participants.

As an example, some people might want to get married, and they go to the media space to find an example of what they want their wedding to look like, and might even go into mental exhaustion because of the any perceived inability to ‘meet up’.

The drivers of the world know this, so whenever an idea wants to be added to the fabric of society, it doesn’t appear in the news, but in songs and films. If well done, they will be assimilated almost seemlessly.

For the Believer, the scriptures has its own mind control system – as it should, it’s the Word of God.

This then is the summation. Every mind has a system controlling it. Every territory has a system controlling it. The mind of the believer ought to have a system controlling it. The template of the that system is the Mind of Christ. The template is the mind of Christ.

We must then ask the obvious questions: What is our mindedness? What system is controlling our mind?

Don’t say it doesn’t matter, because it does. Because, ultimately, you will bow to the objectives of whatever system controls your mind.


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