Previously, I started to introduce us to a discussion on our Thoughts. Now I move on to a discussion on Mindsets.

A mindset can be defined as the outlook, philosophy, or values of a person. It can similarly be regarded as a frame of mind, attitude, or a disposition.

We all go through life with mindsets. I also think that in the various facets of our lives, we sustain mindsets that give shape to or find expression through them. Sometimes, there are spills. However, it stands to reason, that these micro-mindsets are subsidiaries of the mindset.

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus

Philippians 2:5 (KJV)

There is such a thing as this mind. The Apostle Paul wanted his readers to manifest a certain kind of life, to live in a certain way, to achieve that, he recommends to them a certain mind, a mind that Jesus Christ also had to sustain to demonstrate that kind of life.

It seems to me that this mind – as with all mindsets – is not factory-fitted, it is acquired. This also means that it can be modified or exchanged if the need arises, though this process can be quite demanding and time-intensive. Mindsets take time to set, so also do they take time to change.

Mindsets are formed by the exercise of the mind. The word used for mind above suggest the exercise of the mind. This starts with the mind, entertaining a sentiment, a thought, and accepting input. This may be passive as seen commonly with children or actively as seen with some professional training eg firefighters, military personnel, etc.

This often why we can meet some persons and feel as though we have met people like them before, and then you ask them questions related to their states of origin, school, training, occupation etc, because we recognize a certain mode of expression and we are fishing around for a potential source for the mind exposure that would account for that expression.

Mindsets permeate everything that we do, they stand at the center of our ideas and identities . It’s important, therefore, for us to recognize mindsets that are not consistent with our desired outcome or that are not consistent with the portrait of the life of the Christ.

Having done that, we must then expose our minds to new information, whilst letting go of previous information, and allow out minds to be exercised therein, and over time, our mindset will start to change and set, our outcomes following suit.

We can’t function in a consistent manner contrary to our mindsets. So perhaps this is a good time to ask ourselves; “what mindset do I have?”, and go from there.


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