Inside Out

Every human is a product of influence, including the “self-made” people. There’s a set of people who regard the Bible with very high esteem. They make sure it never touches the ground; avoid putting stuff on it, etc. I really admired this behavior and I found myself subconsciously emulating it. Until “I” asked myself one day: “Why?”

Why was I doing this? The answer to that question was that I obviously loved and reverenced the Bible, the container of God’s Word. Follow up question was “How should you show reverence for God’s Word?” The answer to this question made me see the potential danger of this practice I was emulating.

“If you love me, obey my commandments.”

[John 14:15, NLT}

“When you obey my commandments, you remain in my love, just as I obey my Father’s commandments and remain in His love.”

[John 15:10, NLT]

Handling the written Word of God, the Bible, with utmost care and reverence is great. But it is not the primary way to show reverence for God’s Word. Obedience to God’s Word is how God wants us to show reverence for His Word. Someone said obedience is God’s love language, and in a sense, I agree.

If our lives do not show that we are obedient to God’s Word, handling the Bible with reverence is of no spiritual consequence. We would merely be acting out a script without knowing it. And that is exactly what hypocrisy is: acting. Our outside should match the inside.

When we love and reverence God by obeying His word, we live a life of worship. That lifestyle of worship would manifest in our handling of the written word. It would also shine forth in other acts of worship like singing praises in church, giving to God and others, etc.

We do not want to be white washed sepulchers, looking so grand on the outside but full of dead things on the inside (Matthew 23:27-29). This is not what God builds. This kind of structure can’t harbor the move of God’s power.

If your outside is not matching your inside, there’s a problem. No matter how beautiful the outside may be, you need to fix up! Enough of the acting and hypocrisy, don’t you think? God’s Word and Spirit is able to wash and transform us from the inside out, making us truly beautiful to the eyes of God and men.

I still do try to take care of my Bible, but I try to be more careful to obey what is written in it.

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