Dear IPS… (An anniversary Edition pt. 3)

Wow. It has been a week of counting our blessings and praising God for His faithfulness. And while we wish everyday was like this (or is it just me?πŸ˜…), we will have to end the celebration and continue business as usual. Before that, however, we have one more thing in store.

If you recall, we conducted a survey a few days ago. And in that survey, we asked you to share with us how the IPS blogs have helped or blessed you. Today, we will be sharing some of the testimonies of blessings – which, in all honesty, are more of a blessing to US.

The blogs have made room for living the Word of God PRACTICALLY.


I have learnt about the power of words and how they shape our lives, and it confirmed the need for me to SPEAK THE WORD over my life.


There was a time when I needed a lot of faith. Just then, there was an article on Faith which I read, and I was ENCOURAGED.


These write-ups have fired me up to BECOME what God had in mind when making me.


I have been strengthened, both in LIVING my faith and in SHARING my faith with others.


These write-ups have actually IMPROVED my reading culture and my writing skills as well.


In Plain Sight has been a place where timely words come to encourage me, stir me up, or even stop me from continuing on a path that would later ruin me. And I’m so GRATEFUL for that.


Thank you for your reviews and testimonies, and thank you for 2 years! By God’s grace, we will do more through Him for Him – and for you, too. Normal posts commence next week. In the meantime, stay blessed and Happy Good Friday.

Team IPS. ✝️

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