Meet the Team!

If you have been following the In Plain Sight blog and maybe wondered “Who are the faces behind these posts🤔?”, well good news, because today you get to meet them! From the Agba of the group to the last born (yours truly), we present you: Team IPS.



Ariyo, Ayo Abayomi (@abaykells)
Visionary, Writer

Time Active in the Team: Since inception
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Hobbies: Reading
Social media:
Twitter: @ComAbayomi
IG: abbay_lincoln

~ What prompted the creation of the blog?
“Well, it was initially supposed to be a platform to air some of my thoughts concerning various issues (faith centred and general issues).

However, it wasn’t sustained. So, a few years and some considerations later, it became clear that the blog should be a platform to communicate the Christian faith; bringing out the place and relevance of the scriptures to our daily lives and the various expressions thereof.”

Read some of his posts here.

Adejoro Dorcas (@deetabitha)

Time Active in the Team: 2 years and a month
Occupation: Corporate Communicator
Hobbies: Creative writing • Reading creative works • Watching animations •Sightseeing • Playing games

~ How did you join the team?
“I have known the visionary of IPS for a while now. One night, he slid into my DM with a response to one of my usual (and random) WhatsApp status uploads – a poem, I think – and told me about the blog’s vision and the team he was building.

Omoooo! My heart just started beating super fast because I knew what he would say next. Back then, I honestly had no idea about what blogging even entailed, and though I accepted the invite, I didn’t know how possible it would be for me to have fresh things to write about every week.

Looking back, I’m grateful I took the bold step of faith because I’m definitely better for it.”

Read some of her posts here.

Efe, John Oghenemarho (@jonmarho)

Time Active in the Team: 2 years and roughly 3 weeks
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Reading (non-academic works or academic works beyond my level 😅 – anything that sparks curiosity really) • Nature photography

~ How did you join the team?
“It was during the early days of the lock down. The visionary of the blog reached out to me to be a part of a writing project he wanted to start and when an elder calls you, you first say “Yes Sir” before you begin to ask questions 😅.

That period was a very uncertain period (for everyone actually) and probably was not the best time to have been making any long-term decisions. But being a part of this vision is one of the best decisions I’ve made over the last few years. Thank God!”

Read some of his posts here.

Adedapo Aanuoluwapo (@abbafavorite)

Time Active in the Team: 15 months
Occupation: Registered Paediatric Nurse.
Hobbies: Reading & Cooking

~ How did you join the team?
“I came across the blog through a Twitter post in May 2020 and was blessed by it. I gladly reached out to the twitter account owner, introduced myself, and made my intentions of becoming a writer like him and impacting souls for God’s kingdom known.

I’m deeply grateful to the team for helping me and for believing that I can become a better writer.”

Read some of her posts here.

Are, Favour Oluwadamilola (@daeminiola)
Editor, Content Writer

Time Active in the Team: 8 months
Occupation: Student (?)
Hobbies: Reading • Singing • Writing

~ How did you join the team?
“I’ve known about this blog right from time due to a conversation I had with Dr Ayo a few years ago, but only started serious following about a year ago. However, upon noticing a few errors (as a VIP member the Grammar Police that I am, LOL), I messaged him and asked if the team would be willing to take on an editor.

I was given a trial test and after passing it, was offered the ‘job’. Now I engage in group chat banter with John O’Marho while editing blog content and rethinking my life choices.

Lol, just kidding, I love this family.”


Now you have seen our faces (we have been exposed😭) and know more about this how this blog came to be. The focus of this blog remains to present the Scriptures and the Christian Faith in a way that applies to our everyday living. So please continue to read, comment, like and most importantly, share so others can be blessed. Thank you for two years.

Stay blessed,
Team IPS. ❤️


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