An Anniversary Edition pt. 1

(This will be a very short post):

Every organic thing that would thrive must have a feedback system (positive or negative) through which it receives, processes, and learns from.

As we continue in our growth process, we at “In Plain Sight” realize just how important it is to receive inputs from our community of readers. The aim ever remains to deliver the whole counsel of God. But we want to continue doing this in a way that is relatable and applicable to our avid readers and followers.

So what are your questions? What are your commendations? What are your suggestions and future expectations? Kindly send these them through the link below, so that we can receive them and evolve for the better👇;

Do try and fill it. It’ll take less than 5 minutes of your time. 🙏

UPDATE: The survey has been closed. Thank you to all who took out the time to fill it.

Also, if we’ve blessed you one way or another, kindly feel free to share how with us in the comment section.

We honestly can’t wait to hear from you!

~ Team IPS. ❤️

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