Nomenclature (3)

Last time out here, we considered Jabez, a man with an unfortunate name who, on account of prayer, was able to change the realities tied to his name.

It’s not just names of people that are powerful. It could also be names of places. Names sometimes are tied to covenants, events or spirits. When a man decides to exert his right to nomenclature, he invariably comes into partnership with the spirit realm, burdened with the responsibility to bringing about conformation to the name.

Consider Egypt.

I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

Exodus 20:2 (KJV)

When we think of Egypt from a biblical standpoint, we (quite rightly) think of the oppression of the children of Israel, the years of plenty and famine, of Joseph and his dreams, of the massacre of the first-born sons and so on.

From a historical standpoint, Egypt is seen as the cradle of civilization; a starting point for several advances that remain relevant to date. Modern archaeology remains intrigued by how much the ancient guys were able to accomplish, given what the considerable limitation in the resources available to them.

However, from the standpoint of Spirit realm, Egypt is noted as the house of bondage, and it didn’t become that after the Israelite got there. In reality it was always that, that’s why it, in experience, lent itself to that possibility.

As students of Scriptures, you will recall readily that Egypt was not the only place that the children of Israel were in bondage. At different times, they were also enslaved to several countries. So whilst on the outside, Egypt advanced in terms of knowledge and economy, it was a house of bondage.

Thus, anyone who merely moves to Egypt because of self-advancement or any other reason would have voluntarily walked in and committed himself to bondage because that’s really what Egypt is. And usually it takes a frank display of the power of God to bring about deliverance.

Essentially, what I am saying is that in the business of Nomenclature, what you see is often not what you get. Knowing names can prove important in our engagements and desires for a good outcome.

Whenever you are in doubt, think, what is your name? That might be a good place to start, not just as a conversation ice-breaker, but as an means of gaining perspective into a person or a place.

The Spirit name is the real name, for it is the place holder not just for identity but possibilities.

Names are powerful. With the exercise of discernment, we could be better positioned to take advantage of them or relate appropriately.

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