Man in the Hands of God

So, last time , we looked at God in hands of men. And we saw that whenever God has placed himself at the disposal of men as it were, it has only brought out the depth of wickedness embedded in the heart of man. For man can in the name of God, kill God. And more often than not, that’s what happens.

Now, we turn to the reverse. What happens when a man finds himself in the hands of God? What does God do with such men? What will the Immortal God do with mortal men? What will the Creator do with the Creation?

There are several examples of what God does with men in his hands. So let’s see a portion of Scripture:

Psalms 40:1-3
[1](To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.) I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.
[2]He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.
[3]And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.

So here we find a man in trouble. But notice that despite the nature of the challenge, his state of mind, his disposition was to wait patiently for the Lord. It was in this state of patient waiting that the Lord inclined to him and heard his cry. Interesting that though he was in a situation that generated a cry, yet he was still patient. He didn’t become agitated, hasty, or unstable.

Let’s now see what God will do with this man.

First, the hand of God brought him out of a horrible pit, a pit whose bottom is filled with miry clay. That’s a dangerous position to be in. Being in a pit is bad enough, miry clay makes it worse. It’s sticky, it withholds, it’s not firm. You can sink further, on miry clay. There is no firm footing.

So we see that one of the first things that the hand of God does to a man is to save and bring deliverance to him. So the man in the hand of God experiences the salvatory dimensions of God.

Secondly, This man reports that the hand of God set him on his feet upon a rock. We see also that stability finds as its control, the hand of God. Men in the hand of God, find stability. And also safety. Contrast that with the miry clay. Those are two opposites, the instability of the mud and the firmness of a rock.

Thirdly, Men in the hand of God find their goings established. This means that men in the hand of God find security. Security for their feet as they go on to execute all that they have been called to do. And this also means that they will be held upright in all their ways by the hand of God.

Then finally, Men in the hands of God, sing new songs. Their initial cry will be exchanged for new songs. They will sing the praises of God against the lamentation they held in their previous situation. Therefore we find occasioned by the hand of God a complete reversal of differentials.

Such is the portion of man in the hand of God. Where are you? Where would you rather be?

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