Money Heist

There is a popular TV series that goes by a similar title. And from the review of those that have seen it, they say it’s quite nail-biting. It has a global fanbase and following. It’s always interesting how generally speaking, the mainstream media seem to transcend our sense of values, provide a bridge across all divides or so it seems, and at the same time, stir up our sense of imagination, curiosity almost as a reflex. But that’s not even where I am headed with this post.

There’s a different money heist that I have in mind to share with us at this time. It is found in the book of the Judges and Chapter 16. The verse of interest is:

Judges 16:5
[5]And the lords of the Philistines came up unto her, and said unto her, Entice him, and see wherein his great strength lieth, and by what means we may prevail against him, that we may bind him to afflict him: and we will give thee every one of us eleven hundred pieces of silver.

For students of the Bible or anyone who has gone to Sunday school before, this life story of the man called Samson is a familiar one. As a refresher, Samson was a man born at a time when the people of God suffered oppression and marginalization. He was born with the singular purpose of kick-starting the deliverance of his people. To facilitate this calling, God endued him with supernatural strength and proscribed laws to govern his existence and execution of the said calling.

A few years into his enterprise, Samson fell in love with a young lady from the kingdom that has oppressed his people, the very kingdom he was born to execute judgment on. Her name was Delilah.

Miss Delilah was a charming young lady, one who knew how to get what she wanted, and in Samson, she found a young man who would not hesitate to give anything to get what he wanted under the right circumstances. It was an accident waiting to happen.

Fast forward to the negotiation table as captured in our verse of interest: the leaders of the Philistines were offering her a whopping 1100 pieces of silver each, that would be about 5500 pieces of silver when it is all said and done. I wouldn’t bother trying to convert it to the equivalent today. In thinking of all the men that were sold in scriptures, Samson was by far the most expensive of them all, and that by a long mile. And quietly, I found that to be a bit instructive.

Samson was not an ordinary man. That much was clear to the Philistines. Samson was a national menace, he was on every watchlist available across the landscape of the country. And they were willing to give anything to get Samson, and Delilah had a strong negotiating position and we saw how nothing was too big or too small to be offered provided it would culminate in the capture of the man.

This is where I am headed. That first, some lines should never be crossed. An example of this is the line of consecration. We must understand our consecrations, the laws that make for that which we have been called to prosecute in the kingdom and for God. They must be upheld. They are non-negotiable. It’s a matter of life. Not just act.

Second, the enemy will stop at nothing to truncate that which we have been called to do. He is shamelessly persistent. If he ever goes, it is to come again. He is the classic example of leaving to fight another day.

Third, our obedience to God, and our alignment to his principles and demands, our compliance and partnership to the ministry of the Holy Spirit make us extra-ordinary. Take away all that, we are as other men. We become ordinary.

The target of the enemy, therefore, is to make us ordinary men. Men separated from the tokens of the Divine. Men who walk as mere men.

Beware of that which make men, mere men. This is the endgame of the enemy. When he succeeds in making a man a mere man, he has made him a null threat, a man that can not prosecute anything. A man good for nothing good.

For this reason, the money heist is always afoot. Because God works on the Earth using men. God as it were needs men. But not mere men. Men loyal and committed to Him. For the same reasons, such men have a bulls-eye on them. If you are such a man. Beware. Be warned.

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