Are you in any challenging moment? Where you are tossed to and fro by the challenges of life? Or are you at a point where you seem confused, and it’s like you’re almost overwhelmed?

Since the devil has been sent down to the world, you can’t avoid it, but you can evaluate the outcome depending on you and who is in you, the decision to win totally or partially or to lose at worst is yours to make.

Let’s assess this write-up content together!
There are different forms of battles in life. They vary in their approaches, qualities and modes.

Battles God fights for you where you really don’t need to do anything extraordinary. In these, God deals with your enemies on your behalf.

The Israelites never knew there was a Balaam somewhere trying to curse them and God was turning it to blessings according to the bible book of Numbers 23 and 24.

There are also battles God fights with you. In these, you partner with God. God takes a role and you play yours to complement Him.
In the Bible book of Exodus 7:1-6, we see that the fight for the exodus of Israelites was a fight executed through partnership between God and Man. They cooperated with God in obedience and they became liberated. Man and God were active in this battle.

And also, battles in which God fights through you. In these, God sits back to watch you fight after He has empowered you to overcome. The engagement is left to you. Here God will only be revealing to you the relevant information needed to win, as well as the wisdom and the ability to overcome this kind of battle.
In the bible book of Joshua 10:18. Joshua discovered the five ring leaders (Kings) of their enemies hiding in a cave. Joshua didn’t call for seven days fasting and prayer there and speaking in tongues over Kings, but he commanded that the cave should be blocked; because it was a time for instant wise action and not just religious rite. God has already exposed the enemies, the decision was left to him to make.

Dear brethren, understand that you can’t fight life’s battles anyhow. Therefore identify your kind of battle by enquiring from God. By doing this, you will save yourself stress and also gain understanding of the required approach. This will ensure that you’ll not be wasting time using ineffective methods to execute the steps required for the realization of victory. This might be the reason why some would say they’ve prayed, they’ve fasted and have participated in religious exercise(church activities) yet the problem still remains.

Who is the king of glory? The lord strong amd mighty, the Lord mighty in battle(KJV)

Psalm 24:8

You need to acknowlege God in the battles of your life. It is always a game changing move.


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