Scarification Marks

In the process of physical examination, scars are one of the many things that physicians look out for. They usually connote previous attempts by the patient or other health practitioners (or even quacks) to bring about curative therapy.

It’s quite similar with “real life”. As we walk through existence, we inevitably come in contact with other individuals. And as minds rub, touch and intercourse, we are bound to encounter “rough edges” and past wounds that have now healed by fibrosis, manifesting as toxic traits or unacceptable behavior.

In these kinds of situations, the knee-jerk reaction is usually to match fire for fire and let the other person know that you’re no pushover. But the thing is, we’re not called to be knee-jerk Christians. If Jesus (our perfect example) was a “knee-jerk” kind of person, there is no way He would have made it to the garden of Gethsemane (without sin), not to talk of going all the way to the cross.

When we encounter difficult people, we are not called to react, but to respond in Love. Love demands that we be forbearing. Love thinks the best of everything and everyone (1Corinthians 13:7). Such that no matter the course of action that is taken subsequent to these kinds of encounters, whether benign or not, it stems from love.

When you have this mindset which Christ had, and which we are supposed to have (Philippians 2:5; Romans 12:2), all that proceeds out of you in these kinds of situations is not mere indignation or pity, but true Love and compassion. You would not only love the person the way they are, but you would harbour a desire to see such a person changed.

…they that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.

Matthew 9:12-13

Part of the assignments given to us in the prophecy of Isaiah 61 is to “…bind up the brokenhearted”. God longs to comfort broken people. God longs to turn scars into crowns. As we happen to be the Body of Christ, we are the agency through which God will work His healing in the hearts of men.

If our world will come to know the Love of God which gives beauty for ashes, the believer has the responsibility to show this love to them, and then bring them into it. We are not to seek perfection where it can’t be found; we are to seek to bring people into perfection, just as God is perfect.

So when next you encounter a scar, figurativeor literal, remember to Love, think, then act. Don’t just react.

Allow God use you to bring healing to that person; spirit, soul and body.

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