Starting now!

What pushes you towards achieving your goal fulfilment? Certainly there are forces like role models, heroes and mentors you’ve seen that push that inner strength in you. That push becomes important such that in facing that goal, you want to begin as they did.

I remembered a goal setting mnemonic, I learnt in a course: GST420 during my college days. The Code was SMART. It explained some guides towards achieving successful performances. They are  known as  S- To be Specific,  M- To be Measurable,  A- To be Achievable,  R- To be realistic, T-  To be  Time bound.

Correspondingly, you must have probably thought, “Do I need to keep doing this consistently to achieve my goal?” Maybe we’d look at that another day.

There are several scriptural  heroes who were prompted to start their purpose and who also fulfilled them, Examples include Esther, Moses, Paul and amongst many others.

Queen Esther a regular Jewish girl, who was raised by her uncle Mordecai, and privileged to be a Queen in a foreign land calles the  Persian empire. Subsequently Haman one of the King’s royal official  thickened an agenda. He planned, to have all the Jews killed.

There was a law that no one is allowed to approach the king without  summon or they will be put to death. However, if the king extends his scepter, to any who takes the risk to approach him, such a person will live, but there was no guarantee.

Despite the Queen’s anxiety about the approach, she prayed and fasted, also had her Jew people fast and pray.   She risked her life to approach the king. The king extended the scepter to her and even promised to grant her a request. Afterwards, She strategically invited the king to two consecutive  banquets where she made her request that the king spare her Jew people’s lives. He granted her request and eventually the ploy against her people was exposed and the plotter, Haman, who wanted to destroy the Jews in the first place, was killed instead.

Invariably, Queen Esther prompt actions saved her people.

A simple instruction the scripture is seen in Proverbs Chapter 16 verse 3.

Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.(KJV)

God will definitely guide and provide answers as promised in the above scripture.

 Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11

”For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.(KJV)

I have always desired to be able to put up posts, where in I share my faith, strengthen and encourage others. Finally, I have been able to do that. A big thank you to my team members for their support and encouragement.

Please do well to reach out to me in the comments section. Your feedback is truly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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