In our previous discussions, we considered a few things that we thought were worthy of our attention. Last time out, we considered Gaining Separation. Presently now, we would look at the Watchtower.

A common instruction we find in scriptures is the instruction to watch.

Mark 13:33,37
[33]Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.
[37]And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

One of the strategic actions of the believer is to watch. The believer isn’t supposed to be oblivious of the expressions around him. He ought to be able to discern and walk in intelligence concerning occurrences that find expressions in his space.

But importantly also, he ought to be able to pay attention to his own life, because he is not immune to the assaults that would characterize the end of days. He is a core target. And the bull’s eye is on his heart, on his conscience. So he must constantly pay attention to his ways, to his path, to ensure that he doesn’t become contaminated and corrupted.

He must Watch. After his own life, he must also watch for the saints, for the body of Christ. Ensuring that falsehood doesn’t creep in. Ensuring that the various weapons of assault- the deceit, the guile, and the entanglements of the wicked one doesn’t find an in-route into houses.

In the context of his society, he must also pay attention to signs of the times. To the events that herald-times and seasons. To the moves that have as their goal, in the short or long term, the subversion of the faith of some.

And as he looks up, he must look forward to the return of our Lord and Savior. He must not lose sight of his commitment here. He must also at the same time sustain the Pilgrim mentality, a mindset centered upon his assignment and calling, upon doing the Master’s bidding with the sense that his conversation is not from here. He must see to it that he is found faithful doing what the Master commanded, waiting for his return.

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