Till I Come

We had in our prior discussions, paid attention to the matter of the distress upon us. We established that there is an understanding that we ought to sustain in light of this present distress. We also took a look at the present distress. Now we attempt to turn our attention to the understanding, instructions, and guide that ought to serve as our underpinning for our times.

In the First Letter of the Apostle Paul to his son in the Faith, we find a series of instructions that I have found to be crucial for every young person who intends to stand in his time. One of such is presented here, for it is worthy of our attention if we intend to stand in our own time. He says:

1 Timothy 4:13
[13]Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.

Till I come, signaling the time frame involved with this instruction. Meaning Timothy was to continue and keep on continuing as it were and not stop when he feels tired or when he thinks he has had enough, but until he(in this case, Paul) comes.

He adds, gives attendance. This is easily one of the more difficult things for young believers to do. To give attendance means to hold in mind, to be cautious about, to apply oneself to, to adhere to, to focus on, devote time and energy to…

I’m sure we see the difficulty. About a thousand and one things now demand and sometimes command our attention, weakening us by occupying us. Causing us to abandon the very things that make for our strength and stability. Young people now find it difficult to give attendance. We are always looking for the next fancy, new and high-sounding thing. Jumping from pillar to post, and never gaining any traction. May God help us.

The Apostle then points out three pursuits that ought to occupy us.

First, the public reading of scriptures, which implies that private, personal reading is well established. Because the private precedes the public.

Second, Exhortation, meaning the preaching and the use of the scriptures to encourage and stir up other believers. This implies that one ought to sustain a regular and healthy exposure to other believers. To exhort and be exhorted.

Then thirdly, doctrine or teaching implies that the teacher has a good understanding of the matter at hand, and has proved it by the example of life. Because the order is: to do and to teach. A man who has not done doesn’t have the license to teach that which his life hasn’t borne fruit and witness to.

These we find are about the Word. The Holy Scriptures, inspired by the Breath of the Almighty in the first place. If our lives will stand the test of our times, then it must be that we have been rooted and established upon that which all things were made from and Him whom we all have to do with.

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