Wind, Waves and Faith

Ripping winds, roaring waves, and a sinking sense of despair as little faith gradually gives way to fear: sometimes in our journey of faith, we may find ourselves in a similar situation with Apostle Peter, just that unlike Apostle Peter, we’re not buffeted by actual wind and waves, but most times by the voices in our heads, the worries in our minds and the burdens in our hearts.

After Jesus saves Peter from sinking, He asks him an interesting question:

…“O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Matthew 14:32

(or as rendered in the Amplified Version Footnote, “Why did you allow yourself to be drawn in two directions?”)

Note that Jesus did not ask why he was sinking. It becomes clear then, that anytime we allow situations and circumstances shift our gaze from the realities that God has set before us as believers, we sabotage our own selves.

The reality of Peter in that moment was that he was supernaturally enabled to walk on water. The wind and waves were only distractions meant to shift Peter’s belief system from alignment with that reality. Thus, the wind and waves, and the fear of drowning were not the real danger to Peter.

In our walk of faith, the real danger to the believer is not the difficult and dark times we’ll face. It’s what these situations are capable of doing to our faith if we allow them shift our gaze from where it should be- our realities in Christ Jesus.

The life of a believer is a journey of Faith from start to finish. The God that has bid you “Come” to walk on the waters, is well able to keep you from falling or sinking.

The realities of the believer includes the constant presence of God (by the indwelling of the Spirit) regardless of the circumstances (Isaiah 43:2), a peace from within that the world can not understand (John 14:27), an assurance of eventual victory (John 16:33), and a host of others.

Do not allow situations draw you in a direction opposite to the leading of the Spirit. You can walk on water.

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