Several things ought to be associated with Believers. They are integral workings of the Holy Spirit, exclusively so, such that their presence has a positive predictive value, and their absence is almost always a red flag.

These include Peace, Joy, Love, Righteousness, and so on. They stand out because, at a basal level, they are the workings of God in the heart of a man. Without that initial input, we’d try hard without touching base.

I’d contemplate this evening on Joy. I don’t intend to differentiate Joy from Happiness. I think it’s like comparing time to eternity.

Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit born in the human spirit and expressed as a part of the believer’s daily life. It means cheerfulness, a calm delight.

You see, it is not conditioned on situations, internal or external. It’s a thermostat that regulates everything else.

It’s one of those realities of the believer that the world does not understand. How can we be Joyful in this evil, depressive and chaotic world? It’s a mystery. It can’t be explained by anything other than the work of the Spirit.

Apostle Paul in his Epistle to the Phillipian says:

Philippians 4:4
[4]Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

This is not advice. It’s not even a counsel. It’s an instruction. That in all things and at all times, we rejoice. Life targets our Joy. Our Joy in the Lord is an advantage system in life.

The Jews understood Joy well. Joy for them is the word simkhaw. It carried the idea of feasting, glee, sound, and excitement. It is flowing with inwardly generated rhythm. That’s why sometimes you find yourself for instance swaying side to side in an examination hall. Or humming a song that you can’t even remember ever listening to. Hence whenever you find that sound, that verse, that song, if possible give it volume, let your ear hear. Let your body feel it. Give it expression.

It’s not an e-motion. It’s an in-motion. Give room to the Holy Spirit and watch life bow to you. Walk in Joy.

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