Hope It’s Going According To Plan?

Happy New Month Dear Reader! It’s a new month, and there is every cause to be excited about the new month, and all of the potential that comes with it.

In a “deep” conversation with myself after going through the goals I had set for February (it’s weird right? That there are some people who don’t talk to themselves lol), I realized with great sobriety that “Nope!” My year wasn’t quite going according to plan.

The feeling of disappointment was however transient, as I realized that yes, the year may not have been going according to plan yet, but with a few adjustments and changes, I could get things back on track.

But how about you, Dear Reader? Is the year going according to plan? Of course, you would only be able to meaningfully answer this question if you had a plan for the year in the first place. It’s the month of March already- the time is legit marching on!

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Without clearly outlined, detailed, and written-out plans, each month-end (and eventually the year’s end) will continue to catch you by surprise.

If you would become who you want to be, develop certain skills or achieve certain goals before the year’s end, you need to put plans in place. These things won’t happen by wishful thinking or unintentional diffuse efforts. Echoing Tabitha Dee, planning is super important.

Psalms 20:4

“May He grant your heart’s desires, and make all your plans succeed.”

It is not too late to plan for all that’s left of the year. By the end of the year, you MAY not have achieved what you would have achieved if you had entered the year with solid plans, but I guarantee that you would have achieved more than if you had just continued without specific goals and plans.

Remember to always keep track of your goals and plans, so as to be able to monitor your progress and know when to switch things up or stay on the same course.

Be intentional about 2021.

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