Valentine’s Day Special!

Love’s Power by Nneka

Pebbles of charity
Burning with intensity
Spreading Vigorously
Can’t be so quenched
Trust while in fear

Warming hearts
Burning bones
Heating up the cold coals of the secret place
Brings repose in squally days
Your heart my display piece

Love so pure yet so forceful
Gives and gives in
Solace in ways not known
Glowing and making the feeble a mighty man.

Love’s Depiction by Orantez Brown & Fay Ann Swearing

Love is not slogan, slang, nor style,
When you find divine love it is evident all the while,
Love is always tender, love is never vile,
It won’t give you somber, will ever enhance your smile.

Love ignites a fire when you are feeling cold,
Love will not retire, nor will it ever grow old,
True love will always admire, and rejoice in your accomplishments,
Speaking not of a dire one, rather one enchanting and giving compliments.

Love-Maker by Gideon Okeke

If Love was a song,
I will choose to be mute,
so the Song-writer can sing.

If Love was a poem,
I will choose to be attentive,
and listen to the Poet.

If Love was a game,
I will choose to be a loser,
so the Game-maker can win.

If Love was a meal,
I will choose to wait,
so the Chef can feed me

In my humanity
lies no ability
to understand or show love.

To Love ain’t Human,
To Love is Divine!
For me to Love,
I need to meet and submit
to the Love-maker.

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