The Outlaw’s Guide To Self Motivation (Part 1)

So, our Shepherd Boy has now become an Outlaw, and for those of us who are familiar with his story arc, we’re aware he eventually becomes King. In this period of his life (as an outlaw, and not as a result of any wrong on his part), David goes through a lot of things that eventually shape him into the King he becomes. We’ll be seeing one of such today.

The first book of Samuel, Chapter 30 (of the Holy Bible of course) relates an interesting story. In summary, David and his men had defected (as related in previous chapters) to the philistine side to gain some reprieve from Saul’s incessant witch-hunting. He (David) succeeded in gaining the trust of the Philistine King, to the point of accompanying the philistine king to battle.
But the philistine lords did not trust David enough to have him in their ranks during the battle and prevailed on the Philistine King to send him back to his home (Ziklag).

On getting home, David and his 600 strong militia were welcomed by the carnage left behind by Amalekite raiders, who had taken advantage of David’s absence and spirited away all that was of value to David and his men, leaving nothing but ruin and rubbish.

If John Wick descended into a murderous and implacable rage over the death of his dog, imagine the state these battle hardened, ready-to-kill men were in after discovering that their wives, children, and livestock were gone.

The wives of David were not somehow miraculously spared from the raid, but the blame had to fall on someone: someone had to pay. And though David was in the same predicament as they were, they chose to fix the blame on him and began to talk of stoning him.

With his wives missing, and with ALL of his men bordering on mutiny, and with no sort of encouragement coming from anywhere, David was between a rock, a hard place, “the devil”, the deep blue sea, and all sorts of inconvenient places. What did David do?

And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God.

1 Samuel 30:6

Many times in life, we (at least, most of us) will find ourselves in difficult and uncompromising situations. There will be those times that even though there might be so many people around, and with all of them probably trying their best to encourage you and all, the feeling of loneliness and helplessness persists.

It is in those times that like David, we must encourage ourselves. Find strength in the truth of God’s Word. Find Strength in what God has declared to be your reality. Find Strength in the certainty, that even though it feels like you’re alone and without help, God is in and with you and is never against You. God has good plans for you. He has a glorious ending for your story.

Find strength in God.

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