God Poems Sunday

Who Else? By Roy Bamisaye

To the Lord that gives a gain and again,
Who forgives us again and again,
He never let evil befall us before,
Who else could be for us before?

Speak of the Lord, I know He reigns,
I count on his grace and all He rains,
Jesugbemi talked about grey’s anatomy,
That he became a doctor through grace anatomy.

Some Call him God of all possibilities,
Do you know he’s also the God of all impossibilities,
‘Cause only him can make them possible,
Who else can make our dreams achievable?

Against Principles and Powers by Matt-U

We are co-creators with God,
So was and is and will be Satan,
The creative ability is in him,
So is this gift in us.

We are in a dispensation of creativity,
The devil is creating lots of content,
The church needs to step up in this game,
This is the time for us all to rise!

We are the counter force,
All units need to be on the alert,
Take heed: those of us on duty,
Ambush lies the evil one!

We create love in the midst of hate,
We impress faith in God in hopeless situations,
We broadcast the truth while they propagate lies,
We shine the light in utmost darkness!

We plant hope in the deserts of posterity,
We splash strength in the heat of weakness,
We create courage to withstand danger,
We speak wisdom to dispel ignorance!

We do more when they expect less,
We cage divorce with marital bliss,
We replace Herods with Davids,
We war, as they stand in awe.

We’re as wise as the serpent,
Like the Dove we are gentle,
As sheep, we may look and be simple,
But our Lion hearts scare away wolves!

Ungrateful by Deji Olatunji

Lord, how great is your mercy?
How ungrateful are we the sons of men?
You gave Israel Manna
They repaid you with Murmur
You gave them water out of the rock
they made their hearts harder than the rock
You fed them with Angel’s food
They returned with the devil’s look
Day and Night you were with them
Day and Night, their hearts went astray from thee
You pardoned their iniquities
Yet they charged you with wickedness
How often do we act like them?
Quick to forget the mercies we’ve received
Oh help me dear Father, to be like that Samaritan leper
who returned and gave thee thanks

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