The Word Integer

Happy New Year. It’s a great joy and privilege to once again meet with you our esteemed reader on this platform. Thank you for your readership.

As we entered into the year, I noted that several people had low-key expectations, people hardly were loud about their desires, plans, and intentions, almost as if something was whispering in their hearts- Remember last year.

The theme for this early part of the year especially for most believers is prayers and fastings. This is seen on congregate and personal levels. And it’s truly profitable.

And a critical part of the idea is to secure from Him as it were His report for the year, for you see, the Just shall live by faith. In other words, the Just is expected to be a personality whose navigation and existence is driven by faith, and since faith comes essentially by the Word, the Just quest for the word is as the deer paths after the water brook.

As we seek for the word daily and in this season, I thought it important to draw our attention to a guarantee that the word is attached to.

Genesis 21:1
[1]And the LORD visited Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did unto Sarah as he had spoken.

The above scripture is a peculiar one. It’s interesting because, in scriptures, God doesn’t take it for granted that we think his word will come to pass, He always calls our attention to it, every time it happens. Such as the case above with Sarah.

So we find that the Lord visited and did not according to his mood, not because he was doing a giveaway, not because he was trying to prove a point, not even because Sarah was particularly expectant. Rather He visited and did because listen to this Because He had said so.

Please believe this. Has God said it, then He is under bond to do it. The proof that God will do something is that He had said it. You can count on it. That doesn’t take away your role and responsibilities. It insists on it since we are certain that God will perform, then we have every reason to clear ground. This clearing ground is called Faith, for it is our response to the reality that God has spoken.

Believe God. Believe His report. If situations ask you, did God really say? Respond with a powerful, on-top-of-your-voice, Yes. For indeed God hath said.

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