This year, for us at IPS, has been one of a kind. Equal parts arduous and exhilarating. An arduous year for obvious reasons, but quite an exhilarating one because of you, dear reader.
We greatly appreciate all of the views, likes, comments and shares!
The Lord is your exceedingly great reward.

We’d like to take this opportunity to inform our ever faithful readership that the blog will be on hiatus from now till the 14th of January. This brief break will help us refresh, re-invent, and be ready for the amazing year that is 2021. We thank you for understanding.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us, or correct us on? We are all ears and heart.

Again, we greatly appreciate your sticking it out with us through the year 2020. By God’s Grace, we trust that we’ll be here for each other in the year 2021. God speaking through our writings and your feedback, we all listening, and everyone growing into the full stature of Christ.

Yours in Love, Light and everything Godly and Bright,
In Plain Sight Team.

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