Mary’s Shoes!

Noel! It’s Christmas!
That auspicious time of the year
When every tribe and tongue
Speak of the Messiah’s birth.

When people travel from far and wide,
Creating memories with their families,
When children get gifts that make them smile,
And the adults are not left out too.

But wait a minute!
Let’s talk a walk in Mary’s shoe for a sec.

Conceived of the Holy spirit,
Carried the King of Glory in her womb,
And nurtured Him from infancy till maturity,
There are times when I exclaim;
‘Oh! What a grace she had!’,
And the other times I wonder;
‘Did she know her baby’s true identity?
If so, what would have changed?’.

Stepping out of Mary’s shoe,
I then realize that there’s a difference.

As much as she must have been told,
As much as she must have seen,
She didn’t get to see the full picture from the onset!
Unlike me! Unlike you!
We have heard and seen,
And yes, we know the essence of the coming of Christ.

For unto us all this Child was born,
And for us all this Man was given,
That love may be redefined
And every man be seen through His eyes…
Walk in His shoes!

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