The Impossible

The other day, we looked at breaking news as it would have sounded on the day it was first announced. We fixed our attention on the proclamation of the angels on that fateful night. Now we turn our attention to the event that they particularly came to herald.

We have so much heard about the Christmas story, that for most of us, it has ceased to amaze us. We have become quite comfortable with it. It’s one of those stories that quite a lot of people can tell with some degree of respectable accuracy without knowing where it is in the Bible.

But really, What happened that night?

We can answer that simply by saying that Jesus was born. And we’d be right. However, the strength of that answer is inherent in understanding its implications. For starters, the impossible had just happened.

So that night, in the equation for restoration, we got to a point where we needed something in particular to happen. Without that, the procedure would not proceed. We needed God to become a man. A complete man.

According to the claims section, we needed an insider. One of us was needed and yet none of us was qualified. Angels or any other created being could not suffice. He that would be one of us, must be an original and not a converted creature. God did not just take human form, but more so, the creator came as the created.

Little wonder that a common chorus we’d sing in heaven is thou are worthy. Truly speaking, God according to his tender mercies by which we live, in the Person of Jesus, accepted the responsibility of restoring man back to God, even if he had to become a part of his Creation in the process.

So that night, God showed born in a manger, of a virgin, wrapped in swaddling cloth. That day the impossible happen. Man gave birth to God, who has come as man.

There is a somberness about that thought. It was the first price that God had to pay in redemption. I pray that in the spirit of Christmas, we don’t miss out on the spirit of Christ.

This then tells me that the baby in the manger that day, and even as we remember what happened in this season, is God’s committal step. It’s his indication of interest.

May God grant our hearts light to understand that He is very much interested in restoring us to himself, and reconciling our lives today to the path of his will, even if it means him coming himself to do it. For with God, all things are possible.

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