Persuasions. Part Two.

Last time out, we pondered upon one of the things that should be crystallized on the mind of the believer as a matter of truth, which is that his experience of the love of God, by its nature is not necessarily influenced by his current experience even though in practice, his perception of that love might be. From the standpoint of God that love has always be poured out in standard doses.

This evening we turn our attention to another persuasion. Our Persuasion concerning the word of God.

Romans 4:21
[21]And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.

This verse is from the Romanic commentary of the interaction between Abraham and God. What was the promise in question?

That Abraham will be heir of the world. (Romans 4:13)

This is important and worthy of your attention. I urge and encourage to read through Chapters 4 and 5 of the book of Romans.

To the thought at hand, fundamental to being persuaded in the word of God, is being persuaded that God can do that which He said. I know that this appears obvious. Abraham was fully persuaded, without any shred or jot of a doubt, that God could perform that which He promised. Thus we could say that He believed in the Person of and Power inherent in and at the disposal of God, such that for him, a promise by God was just as tangible as the performance.

You can say, it was easy, after all, who wouldn’t believe God? You may be right, but as I look closely, I understand that the idea being communicated in fully persuaded wasn’t just mere belief, we had covered this to some degree before. I realized that, Abraham demonstrated a steadfastness where and when everything else pointed to the contrary. And the only evidence that God was presenting was His promise, in the context of a reality in which nothing else seemed to agree with what God was selling as it were or even hint at it…yet against all hope, permit me to say against all common sense, Abraham went all-in with God. The rest as we know is history.

Are you fully persuaded in the veracity and potency of the word of God? Are you fully persuaded that God is able to perform all that He has said or is saying? You don’t have to sound religious and quickly answer yes. I believe that it is important now that you settle this quietly and in the secret place, before life will ask you these questions in public at its hard places.

The prayer is simple, if you would: Lord, Help me.

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