Stalling by Nelson Okeke

We had openings to speak, but we stalled
We tightly kept the word behind our walls
We were saved by the same words we walled
Yet ignored the work into which we’ve been called

One said
“I will preach this gospel
when I get enough riches.
After all, everybody listens
when money speaks”
If only he could see the folly
that has completely engulfed him.

Another said
“I will preach this gospel
when I’m finally ordained a pastor”
News flash, Preacher man!
The pulpit is just another church furniture
slightly more conspicuous than the church pews.
Christ neither used nor needed one.

If we look for a reason not to preach this gospel
We would find reasons in a dozen colors.
If we wait for seasons to preach this gospel
We would find ourselves in an eternal autumn.

Quit stalling Christ’s second coming
Do the work of an evangelist!

The Gospel of truth by Rachael Torty

I saw a man on the wide road yesterday
He clutched a huge Bible to his chest
And shut his eyes to the suffering around him
His feet trampled on an orphan’s dreams
While his mouth devoured many pleasures

He turned to a woman on his left
And told her of his gospel
The gospel that preached deceit
And encouraged lies and immorality

I watched them continue on the path
The wide path leading to the bottomless pit
I resolved to call to them on my knees
Since their eyes and ears remained closed

My heart ached like one pierced
For the gospel that my Lord Jesus died for
Leads to a narrow path paved with Truth
Full of people–Lights–with the Word written in their hearts
Walking hand in hand with Holy Spirit

Righteousness, Holiness, and Love are the street signs
They call to a place too glorious for words
A place where none is veiled
A place where all is new and whole
A place where only the Gospel of Truth can lead to – Heaven.

For more enriching poems, join God Poem Sunday. Do have a splendid day.

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