Mercy Man by Teana

The word ‘Mercy’ is not limited to heaven
It sits deep in our world’s ravine
A very needed tool of engagement
For the experienced in reconcilement

The raging voice within our souls
At the trespass of brothers or foes
Is to be shut behind the doors of flesh
And to be replaced with Spirit afresh

A kind word to the boorish
In the midst of a nascent inferno
Would definitely flourish
Like a seed that is sown

So you who have been shown mercy
Hold not back in the day of the deed
Remember you were not worthy
Yet obtained, in your day of need.

To the waters by Olaitan Victor Olarenwaju

(Rev 21:6, Rev 22:1, 22:17, Isa 55:1)

Come to the waters,
The great call was sent abroad,
Ye that thirst for the water,
Drink to your heart’s content,
That thou thirst no more,
A rest unto thy soul.

Come to the waters,
Ye that lack,
Take as much as thou needest,
It is free,
Fill thy cistern and water skin,
For the journey ahead is farther still.

Come to the waters,
Ye stray,
Listen to the voice of the shepherd,
He calleth,
For vengeful wolves lie without his fold
Waiting to devour.

Come to the waters
Ye wearied and fainthearted,
Drink thou of the refreshing water,
Life to thy weak bones, tired muscles,
Strength to continue the journey
Where awaitest thee the crown,
The reward of thy labor.

Come ye to the waters
The river of living water
Which bursts forth from the throne of grace
Where the Lord sits enthroned
Waiting for he who heeds the call,
The call to the waters,
Water of life.

Do You Still Think I Am Pretty? By Beatz

Beautiful smile
Pretty face
Gorgeous clothes and costly gold
But like a doll, well dressed but empty

My smile to hide my tears
My face to hide my heart
My clothes to hide my pain
Yet hoping someone would find me out

Every gape kills a little hope
Every compliment mocks my pain
Didn’t you see?
Can’t you tell?
Who can really help?

He says:
Look at me, I can see
Look at me, I can tell
Look at me, I really can help
You can be Pretty

He says:
Let me wipe your tears
Let me hold your heart
Let me take your pain
Let me be your Hope

“You’re not what I seek
You’re not what I expect
I’ll keep looking
I can still hold on”
I replied

So I kept the facade
Pretty outside
Wretched inside
Denying Hope
Because Hope did not come the way I had hoped

I hope you were blessed by the poems, they our story with the beauty and elegance it commands. For more poems, join us at God Poem Sunday. Remain blessed.

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