Come and Tear down the walls

By David and Nicole Binion

This is a beautiful song, actually, it’s a prayer, for as many want to access all that God is making available them.

It is a song of surrender, where we say Lord, none of us, but all of you. The very first time I heard the song, it got to me, for it resonated with the thought of my own heart and there was an excitement, a sense of recognition, and kinship even as I listened.

Lord, I am trusting that You are a faithful father
And all that You have, it is good
You’re a generous giver
Your love’s like no other
Won’t You come and break through to me

This is my favorite part of the song, for it is premised on the faithfulness of the father. When we reckon God as a faithful father, we are liberated and are then able to surrender completely to him

Come and tear down the walls I’ve built up
Every wall I’ve built up

This part of the song is the prayer part for me, we might have boxed God, out of some parts of our realities, or perhaps put God in box stereotypes that has hindered our ability to experience him wholistically.

Over and over and over again
I am bringing my heart to You with open hands

Herein is our commitment, that as long as we have breath in us, our lives shall be surrendered to the Lord, the Father of the spirit of all flesh.

David and Nicole Binion are pastors at Dwell Church, Dallas. They have several albums to their name including Dwell: A live worship experience and Take heart. They are blessed with three wonderful children.

You can find the song here. Be blessed as you listen. Feel free to share.

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