“No Dey Lose Focus”

One night (many years ago), 12 men, in an attempt to cross a sea, found themselves in the middle of a raging storm. The irate sea, lashed into fierce action by driving winds, tossed these men and their ship back and forth, like a baby determined to dismantle a toy that has fallen out of favour.

Interestingly, what made this night unforgettable to these 12 men was not actually the wave and wind action- it was the action that occurred on the waves and wind.

As they continued to pursue a hopeless cause against the prevailing winds, they saw their Master take an evening stroll on the waves. One of these men recovered from the shock earlier than the others and requested to join his Master on the waves.

For this man that ventured to walk on the waters like he saw his Master doing, all went well… Until his gaze shifted, and he began to sink like a sack of bone and blood.
As soon as he raised his voice in desperate cries to his Master for Salvation, His Master’s Everlasting arm gripped his mortal arm, and said to him “No dey lose focus” 😅😅

Actually, what He said was:

“…O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?”

Matthew 14:31

How we know that we doubt God or not doesn’t lie in our words, it lies in our actions. Do my actions portray that I trust God to lead me to green pastures and still waters? The truth is, it’s very easy to lose sight of God, and His Leading in our everyday striving to live a better life. This propensity is not a respecter of what you theoretically know. Like Peter, it’s possible that the we begin an endeavour based on the leading of God, and yet somehow lose sight of His heart.

This is a reminder to me and you, to make sure that we continue to keep Jesus and His heart’s desires as our focus and priority. If somehow, we allow otherwise to be the case, we stand at high risk of slowly but surely sinking in the frustrations of many a step in the wrong direction.

Don’t lose focus of the Author and Finisher of your faith. He lives in you as the Holy Spirit.

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