The Just Home by David Etim

Where is the home for the soul?
Such that there, I can escape doom
My heart seeks refuge, regarding the Messiah’s sure freedom.

Where is Calvary?
There I will offload this ancestor’s burden
I long for the Saviour and for His grace to pack in dozen

So I can share in Saints’ inheritance, donated by the Light
As requirement for possession of the heart that acts right.

This is only possible as the cross’ power does redemptive partition
Tenaciously crucified sinful nature for Calvary conviction.

Help in this mission’s journey
To prevail to the palace of mansions
I set my affection on the above,
Prepare me now from all dimensions.

Home is there above;
The wings to fly away from all sins, now I pray
The mark of Christ’s Blood purified, hence on me forever portray.

Unequivocal God by Roy Bamisaye

To the God that drew life without sketch,
Same God of all flesh,
The only one that made earth a bench,
My praises will never retrench.

To Him who never screenshots our requests,
To Him who never betrays our interests,
To Him who eases our quests,
Only Him deserves my incense.

To Him who doesn’t record our calls,
To Him who we owe and still doesn’t call us debtors,
To Him who doesn’t rejoice in our falls,
To You will I lift my voice.

To Him that gives wealth without collateral,
The commander in chief that we don’t call General,
The father of the only dead without funeral,
My praises to You are eternal.

Light by Olayemi Oladeru

HE shines so bright
the eye couldn’t behold it
HE makes all darkness disappear
powers and principalities bow to HIM
HIS ever glaring Light
lightens my way
directs me down the path
refreshes my soul
and brightens my Spirit
at the glimpse of the ethereal light
all weakness and fear evaporate
Ray of His light is a beam of hope
gleam of breakthrough
and glimmers of new beginning
The light that makes me glow
and my face shines so bright
when I dare to behold Him
I become the light.

For more edifying poems, join God Poem Sunday today. God bless you.

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