Silent night

Ministry of Reconciliation by Rachael Torty

How do you open the chapters you’ve closed?
To what length would you go to bring her back?
She has wandered off the path of Zoe
Breaking the bridge and creating a breach
What keys can open these locked doors?

He has forsaken the narrow path
Binding himself with fetters of iron
How do you break these hard stones?
To what depth will you go to restore them?
They have cursed YOU and YOUR WAY
Covering their eyes with thick bands of darkness

Yet, You have passed through the fire,
Showing the length, height, breadth of Your Love
Ripping the veil and barriers apart
You have reconciled men to God
And given to us; The Ministry of Reconciliation

Our Senior Partner by Math-u

I sight an end, a fine end,
An end to all these wicked trend,
You may be asking ‘when?!’,
Only when His power descends!

You may wonder if it had happened before,
But look at the creation story in the days of yore,
When Earth was void and stung of irritating odour,
The Holy Spirit brooded and restored its candour.

You’ll be endued with power if you tarry,
Diligently requesting your heart be made His Sanctuary,
Don’t think you can buy or force Him into your ministry,
It won’t work because you’re acting contrary.

The Holy Spirit emboldens a believer,
Shaving off things that make one shiver,
In need of spiritual gifts? He’s a cheerful giver,
Fill you till you overflow like a river.

He fast-tracks the Gospel,
Teaching men, healing the sick and restoring the cripple,
The kingdom of darkness knows He is irresistible,
With Him as your senior partner, you can do the impossible!

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