Glad Tidings

Rûach by Nelson Okeke

The breath that
made a living soul from clay
blasted a passage through the red sea
made an army out of dry bones.
That same breath
now fills me.

The Spirit that
formed a holy seed in a virgin
raised Christ from the dead
clothed fearful disciples with boldness.
That same Spirit
now resides in me.

Flesh and blood did not reveal this to me
Flesh and blood can not decipher this
The Spirit which searches the deep things of God
whispers this truth in my ears.

Holy Spirit, Make me Alright by Math-U

I have one question for you, Holy Spirit,
“Could this be it?!”
Outside you is a damn whole lot of heat,
My heart is open, all you need do is breathe!

Father, I approach your gate and knock,
Please give me this power that works;
For failure has drained me of all guts,
Pls don’t send me away, you’re all I’ve got!

All around me are fears,
Multiplied to a zillion are my cares,
Day by day, death confidently stares,
H’Spirit, please brood on my darkness!

Something is wrong, I’ve lost my sight,
I’ve lost my glory, the glory of a Knight!
I go in circles, toiling day and night,
Holy Spirit, only you can make me alright.

His Voice by Deborah Conteh

The voice of the Holy Spirit
Still and Calm
Gentle and subtle
Could be audible at times
And at another, could be faint.

He is always speaking, but not all listen.
Why does His voice seem easily recognized by some,
and to others, it seems so distant?
Could it be that there is lack of patience to hear,
or that there is just too much busyness to listen?

But His voice is always speaking,
Wanting to direct and comfort
Wanting to teach and instruct.
Only waiting to be heard,
To be listened to.

We sincerely apologise for not bring us the poems in the last few weeks. As always you can us join us here for more edifying poems.

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