Finer thoughts

Ladder of Destiny by David Etim

Who the hell is that?
With the parasites mold hat?
Scratching at my back
Like a lazy kind of rat;
Is not yet night oh!
Your sight to see like night bats,
You wasted glorious years
In the mental sleep of mirage fat.
You past precious days
On the table fun of darts.
We cannot share here
In my nurtured self-mold flat.

Some youths in the pot
Of unthinkable plight
Wrestling as the complement
Of unconscious fight
The squandered life
In the underground light
Despite the sky with unfold
Radiant reflection so bright
Impartial Creator shared
The destinies with universal might
Then, is left for you
On the ladder to join the sacred flight

Doubt in Parenthesis by Fatunbi Boluwatife

Here is doubt
It follows with its own parenthesis
Creating its own thesis
Speaking loudest in the mind
So subtle but yet very often
In inactions that are very audible

Here is doubt
It places commas and divides God’s words
It gives no room for expression
Quick to argue, yet not adding value
It creates a shadow of fear
And rains pure dispair

Here is doubt
It says faith is irrelevant
For life is not important
But you must remove its parenthesis
And doubt doubt itself
To give purpose true meaning

Revenge by Stephen K.O

Look closely
Beyond your reach
The streams of water
They are pleasing to the eyes
But walk still and fall slow
In winter
Look beyond
When things before you
Seem new and beautiful
Look beyond
The swampy plain
Fix your eyes on what’s eternal
Beyond the reach
There you will find me

I believe you were blessed by the poems. For more poems, join us at GPS. Have a glorious time.

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