Hill Talk

My Love Quest by Olayemi Oladeru

In my quest for love
I went through hills and valleys
Played down my worth
but it was futile
I swam through many lakes and oceans
ready to accept anything
It didn’t stave off my disappointment
I have climbed many mountains
spent all I had

I was yet to lay hold of my love
little did I know
that the love I had been
toiling to have
sweating to get
and panting to hold
was laying free
beside me all along
beckoning to me and trying to hold me

I couldn’t even read His love letter
the one he wrote with His body
the ink was His blood
and the depth of His words
was seen clearly in His stripes
and was well represented on the rugged tree
Oh how could I be so blind to His love
The Lover that sees all of me and beyond my flaws
The Connoisseur of my life
The Lover of my being

Tables by Nelson Okeke

Forty days, forty nights
Retreating in a lonely place
Getting directions, getting revelations.
Downloading from the clouds
onto the old tables of stone.

Forty days, forty nights
came to a dramatic close.
It was time for a test run
at the foot of Sinai.
A molten calf, a lost crowd and
a failed assistant were all it took
to shatter the “word in his hand”
The sacred law was broken into
a zillion angry pieces.

Forty days, forty nights
Alone in the wilderness
Facing temptations, facing trials
with no downloading from the clouds
and no written word on tables of stone.

Forty days, forty nights
came to a dramatic close.
It was time for a test run
at the heart of this desert place.
A harmless challenge, a daring charge and
a juicy offer were not enough
to disprove the “word in his heart”
The law written on the tables of his heart
left the tempter scrambling for the exit.

The great Succor by ‘The Osmosis’

In the midst of danger and peril
In the times of enormous kerfuffle
Let this be your compass of peace
In the valley of trials and uncertainties
Let this be your guide, ally and aide
When death and persecution be kindled
And the sons of the world devised slyly
Let this be your guide daily
When neither desolate nights of oppression
Nor long and meandering dawns of confusion
Would let you heave a sigh of relief.
When you’re faced with the gravest catch 22
Open your Sword to Psalms 22
When all the forces without be foes
Let Jesus be the mirror of the force within
Let LOVE be your Lamp
Let God be your Guide.

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