Good day. The word Spirit is a word that I think we are all familiar with, it’s one of those word-pictures, that conjures up an image in our mind, even though by definition there isn’t any image for a spirit. Of course, there are different applications for the word spirit, depending on the environment in which we find it used. In some settings, it could be mean something akin to a person having a personality of its own, even though invisible, whilst in other instances, it suffices for camaraderie and ‘atmosphere’.

I’d be paying attention strictly to the first instance of use: the spirit is something ‘tangible’, a being.

Job 32:7-8
[7]I said, Days should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom.
[8]But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

It is widely held, and perhaps for good reason, that man is a spirit. And on some level, it holds against scrutiny until some other things such as- that has a soul and lives in a body– are added to it…at which point, it breaks down.

Whilst it can pass scrutiny that the essence which makes man, man, is the presence of the spirit in him, a unique signature from God that differentiates man from the beast as it were, we cannot move forward and conclude that that is all that man is.

I think I’m digressing from my intentions for today. Back to the scripture highlighted, we find clearly stated that there is a spirit in man. This plainly means that there is a spirit in every man, regardless of his acknowledgment or awareness of it.

It proceeds to add that, the breath of the Almighty giveth him understanding. This was where I was headed. You see, Elihu, who happened to be the one speaking here, condenses an absolute truth for us, which is this: Man’s spirit in the absence of the breath of God is by itself without understanding. The word for understanding here has to do with that which separates, that is an ability to differentiate, perceive, conceive, discern, consider, instruct. Simply put, a man without the breath of God, is a blind man, walking in darkness, he is much closer to an animal than he is to a human, even though he has the form of a human.

What is this breath? It’s the neshâmâh of God. This means that man’s spirit is also designed to be a container, for this breath, so that it is occupied by the breath, whilst at the same time and in the same vein it gives expression to the nature of the breath, so in other words, man’s spirit was designed to be the vehicle and the media of expression for this deposit of God on his inside.

Invariably man can live on two planes, though can manifest in three ways. First, as a man occupied by the breath of God. Second, as a man, possessed by a corrupted Influence, the devil, the spirit at work in the sons of disobedience- the third way which is also under the second plane, is the man that is more in tune to his animal tendencies, he is a lower form of those under the devil, for even unto himself, he is an animal.

We become partakers of the breath of God, on account of our recreation in Christ Jesus, any man outside the new birth is a man of darkened understand, a lover of darkness, a no-gooder, a man in desperate need of help.

For in Christ, we are once again reconnected and recalibrated to our high calling and design. For there is a spirit in man, and without the breath of God, he is nothing.

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