God Poems Sunday

The Word by Deji Olatunji

The Word is a Man
The eternal Son of God
It is Spirit and life
Not flesh and blood

The Word is alive
A Personality divine
He’s living, He talks
He sees, He walks

The Word is sweeter than honey and the honeycomb
Like that which Jonathan took and he was enlightened
It is powerful and makes alive
Raising men from their catacombs

The Word is a double-edged Sword
Proceeding from the mouth of the Lord
It divides asunder the Spirit and the Soul
When unsheathed, a terror to the wicked

The Word is like bread
Baked in Heaven’s kitchen
More excellent than Manna
The Spirit of man it quickens

The Word is a lamp
The only that shines in this dark world
A guide to those who obey
He leads them to eternal life

Pills and Potion by Adams Saba

The overdose can’t kill.
The word can heal.
The world can’t steal.
The potion works well.
The sick take the pills.

Meal against spirit malnutrition.
Mouth chewing it over again.
The antidote to the poison of the flesh.
Men may be left alone to wander.
But, it’s a pity Ignorance kills.

Deeply the spirit express.
Spoken not to impress.
Minds renewed by truth.
No doubt about the written.
Upon the table of hearts inscribed.

Out of the dark came light.
Reality set against fictions.
The word, life to nonexistence.
The dead arose by its breath.
So calm the great storm became.

Voice so quick and powerful.
Evil can’t stand the double-edged sword.
Humans comatose at the sound.
Beyond realms purifying souls.
And man gave up the ghost without

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