A Tale

Strayed by Imitini Benjamin Ufuoma

I had dreamt of living big
Bulging pockets, fancy boots, a luxurious Yacht
And an exquisite colonial house.
I wanted all of it. Aye, I wanted every little bit.
Except that, like some Kid
I am stuck here
Here under the keen eyes
Of a watchful Father and a hovering big Brother.

I wanted out
Certain I‘ll do quite alright
Free as can be
Wild as the wind

Scornfully I scooted past my Brother
Disdainfully I strutted straight to my Father
My share of the property I requested
It’s my inheritance I reiterated.

So, out the way I strayed
With my inheritance I made away
A life of freedom and glee I had sought
A reckless and a wasteful life instead I got

No friends but the Swine I had to dine
To jolt my hazy sense into line
I started back to my Watchful Father
Lost and ashamed—a prodigal.

Now I dreamt of living quiet
Beneath my Father’s modest roof
Right under His lovely keen eyes
And loving outstretched arms.

Bruised and battered I came back
To a Father’s warm welcome I didn’t expect
But alas! He said and danced
My long lost Son now is found.

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