Let Go(d)

There’s no doubt that we live in troubled times. There’s so much to be worried and burdened about. Concerning this, God poignantly speaks to us in 1 Peter 5:7.

Let him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you. (TLB)

What is it that troubles you? What is it that causes you to wet your pillow with tears? What is it that burdens you? God would have us surrender these things to Him, in exchange for a yoke that is not burdensome, and a rest that can be found in no other.

The hymn writer put it beautifully.

“Oh what peace we often forfeit,
Oh what needless pain we bear.
All because we do not carry,
Everything to God in Prayer”.

Choosing not to live a life of worry does not mean that you become a cockeyed optimist. It simply means that you trust God enough to tell Him about your troubles with prayer and Thanksgiving and trust Him to help you out one way or another. Many times, we claim to have given over every form of control, but like impatient children, we keep on snatching our problems from God’s control and chide Him for His apparently “slow” grinding mills of Justice.

Do not let anything steal your Joy and Peace in God. If your Christian walk is characterized by continual frustration and weariness, it may just be a sign that you’ve not yet let go, and not yet let God. A sign that you’re still holding on to your burden, and looking for a way to fix your problems with your own strength.

There is a blessedness in seeing your need for God’s help and letting Him take control. Take a deep breath, and let go of that burden. The solutions may not come immediately, but a confident assurance that you’ll be fine will take root in your heart, and spread tender tendrils of joy to every part of your being.
Whether it’s about the past, present, or future, trust God to help you handle it. Cast your cares on Him.

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