Empty by Nelson Okeke

In a little while
At the dawning of an age
Nations will demand
Far lands will crave
the water, the oil,
the content of your jar.

Will you be ready?
Will an answer be found?
Or like a vessel empty
will you make the loudest sound?

Will you be prepared?
Will you be that voice?
Or like a barrel empty
will you make the loudest noise?

Thinking about you by Jessica Gabriels

My heart is inditing a good matter
I sleep thinking about you
I wake still thinking about you
I talk, eat, bathe, sing, thinking about you

You live in my thoughts
How beautiful is my voice in the convenience singing about you.
You make me un poco loco.

Only one thing is my desire,
To love you daily and to live daily proving it.
Nothing can do
Nothing can satisfy
Nothing is enough.

I need nothing in life as much as I need you
You are my everything.
Even though I’m writing this poem
I’m still thinking about you.
I love you Jesus

Angels by Chugo

Last night, in a dream I dwelt,
A maiden of a great house,
Guarded by angels mild and fierce,
With ten thousand shields and Spears,
Woe to foes

I rejoiced night and day,
My tears were wiped away,
My fears hid in fear,
My weakness turned into shreds,
Woe to the mind.

The dream unstopped,
In reality the fight went on,
Fleet of angels convened,
Bride to victory, I became,
Woe to my oppressors.

For more inspiring poems, join us today. Have a blessed evening.

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