The Unchained Prisoner by Deji Olatunji

The unchained prisoner
In a jail room with no doors
His hands tied but with no cuffs
Locked in cell but with no bars
Has the entire world as his prison yard

The unchained prisoner
With offer for release but will not go
For the gospel of Jesus he has been told
Willing to remain in there till he dies
All for perishable gold

The chains that bound him cannot be seen
The cords that hold him are deep within
Having taken the whole world for gain
He treats his own soul with disdain
And what profit shall he make?

Led captive by his lust,
He might soon be lost
Bound by ungodly passions
He’s labelled for destruction
For he refuses godly instructions

Who is he?
He is the willful sinner
The one who loves darkness than light
The one who loves to sin
Sin is his prison and he the prisoner

Palliatives by Boluwatife Fatunbi

In time of need
God does send palliatives
Help from above
Packaged by the King
Might be in form of Peace,
provision or direction
Like a still small voice
Saying ‘this is the way, walk there in’

His palliatives are in real time
Producing a breathing space
In difficult circumstances
He even sends ‘Parakletos’
Someone that knows us

His palliatives are priceless
They are mind blowing
Given as requested
‘PRN’ they are
Like balm in Gilead
Soothing for every season

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