Cross Examination

In our last discussion, we noted the presence of an outsider, who seemingly had some access to the original set-up. And we asserted that such an intruder acted in a certain calculated manner. This evening, the intent now is to cast a glance at the nature of proceedings.

We can infer that a lot was said at the outset of things, as it doesn’t seem like the intruder would have backed down without having his earful. Amongst all that he said, there is a statement that I’d like to draw some level of attention to.

Notice in this verse- …yeah, hath God said…

Genesis 3:1
[1]Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

It’s a curious statement made. Beneath that seemingly benign statement is a revelation of the Modus Operandi of this intruder. We must understand that the word of God really gives definition to reality. That was the intention. As such all reality take their coordinate from the word, either in defiance or in agreement.

We find also that in the temptation of Jesus, we find the same pattern, the intruder established his case with Jesus using the word of God as a field of interest, because in the final analysis, our allegiance to God is tested by our loyalty to his word. Any departure from the word heralds a departure from our standpoint of faithfulness.

At the heart of every temptation is a call, a desire, a design model built to chart a course of rebellion against God. And the overarching goal is an attack on the word, it personality, veracity, and integrity.

The intruder seeks to corrupt chastity of our hearts, and he hids his poison in a distorted word, a pretext, an act of subterfuge.

But we must remember that, for every, it is written, there is it is also written. We ought to keep this before us daily. It’s a pointer on the pathway of loyalty.

2 thoughts on “Cross Examination

  1. “…our alligence to God is tested by our loyalty to the word”
    Much to ponder on. #Godsword💪


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