Bloodline- Adams Saba

Bone marrow from the Dene.
Experiment on the gene.
Kinsmen at the scene.
The clans in the acts.
Same course runs in the veins.

The line of criminals.
Gang of the most poisonous vipers.
No antidote, it’s generic.
The heart beating hate.
Life endangered as a bate.

Vampires invading the city.
Infection spreading fast like the wind.
Werewolf’s bite on the sheep.
Changing at the rise of a full moon.
In their packs ready to commit evil.

Lamb that was slain.
Immune against sin, the virus.
The redemption of the infected.
Even after death, life passed on.

Unbreakable covenant.
Meant to purify bloodlines.
Remedy for the filthiness in timelines
It gushed out as the side was pierced.

Family- Sandra Fidelis

Wandering was I, upon the surface of the earth
Carefree, nonchalant, embracing what ever caught my fantasy
Tales of a saviour, fell on deaf ears
Deeper I sank in filthiness
Clamouring to life’s flavour, so I was

“I died for you, come unto me”, he kept wooing me
Afraid was I to let him in
Could he really love me despite my sin?
Leave me alone, shut I the door behind him
But he never let go
At my heart’s door, he lingered, muttering to me, “I love you”
With his pressing pester and strong will to stay by me
I gave in!

My heart I opened, “see all I’ve done for you”, Jesus whispered
“I died to save you”, softly he said
“His love, overt”, I sobbed
“I’m never going back”, I prayed
In my family of God, I remain!

For these and more edifying poems, visit GPS today. God bless you.

John O’marho will be here with you tomorrow. Glory to God.

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